Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB)

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NOPhArm (DRUG DESIGN- NO Prodrugs and hybrids)

Most significant recent publications (years 2008-2013)
Riganti, C.; Rolando, B.; Kopecka, J.; Campia, I.; Chegaev, K.; Lazzarato, L.; Federico, A.; Fruttero, R.; Ghigo, D. Mitochondrial-targeting nitrooxy-doxorubicin: a new approach to overcome drug resistance. Mol. Pharmaceutics 201310, 161-174  doi

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Chegaev, K.; Cena, C.; Giorgis, M.; Rolando, B.; Tosco, P.; Bertinaria, M. Fruttero, R.; Carrupt, P.-A.; Gasco, A. Edaravone derivatives containing NO-donor functions. J. Med. Chem. 200952, 574-578  doi

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