Community Pharmacy and mangement of “fragile” patients

01/01/2017 - 31/12/2019
Prof. Paola BRUSA

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Prof. G. Costa (professor)

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Dr. M. Giaccone, Dr. L. Giorni, Dr. R. Gnavi, Dr. M. Mana, Dr. T. Spadea.


Federfarma Piemonte, Turin, Italy

Servizio Sovrazonale di Epidemiologia ASL TO3

Order of Pharmacists of Turin, Italy


Piedmont Region


Even in the Piedmont population, the main health determinants are the age, that increases clinical fragility, and the lack of resources and of
competences that increases social vulnerability.

A qualitative survey has highlighted some critical issues in taking care the vulnerable people in the area, such as the barriers to health promotion and to timely and appropriate access to the treatments.

On this basis, pharmacies could make a significant contribution to the care of “fragile” and vulnerable subjects with regard to some important objectives of the Chronic National Plan, such as the control of the adherence to therapy, as well as facilitating the access to organizational, bureaucratic and logistic barriers.


Keywords: “Fragile” patients, chronic diseases, therapy adherence, Community Pharmacy 


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