Development of a new model for integrated epidemiological analysis of drug-abuse in sports

01/01/2016 - 31/12/2018
Prof. Giampiero MUCCIOLI

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Dott.ssa Ilaria FONTANA, near-Graduate (tesista)



The Drug Abuse in Sport (FAS), in order to enhance physical performance and mental and physical, is a great social problem for its continued expansion for the negative effects it has on the individual's health. Currently, the incidence of the phenomenon is not well known, estimated bad, controversial and often debated 1. The data (Adverse Analytical Findings, AAF) of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) over the past decade on a limited number of professional athletes or Olympic reveal a positivity to FAS sanctioned (doping) not more than 2% of the examined sports. On the contrary, various finding investigations carried out by the administration of ad hoc questionnaires (Pub Med-Question-Based Papers, Pub.Med QBPs) report on the basis of the responses received (Randomized-Responses, RR) that the problem of FAS has a distinctly more connotation wide and transverse and tends to involve a number of sports including between 15 and 25% of the total interviewed for some psychotropic substances reaching a value greater than 40-45% 2-3. Based on these epidemiological differences and since there is currently no standard valuation approach or best it can estimate the true extent of FAS in the global sporting population, we developed a new epidemiological analysis model integrated assisted software that takes into account a multiplicity information to be included in a special-date information and statistics Base (Drug-Abuse in Sport Program, DASP). The information entered in DASP will be derived not only from AAF-WADA and epidemiological studies published (Pub-Med QBP date), but mainly from those that may be provided by the RR of a specific Question Based Investigation (QBI) on a large sample of amateur sports, amateur and professional, and those recognized by the technical-sports team able to make a diagnosis of taking medication suspected (drug-Abuse suspect in Sports, DASS) formulated after anthropometric and specific observations psycho-motor tests (DASS Tests). The processing of all the data will allow to obtain a more accurate estimate and complete the FAS, to correlate it with the different types of drugs, sporting disciplines and to obtain statistical projections on its evolution. In conclusion, the analysis of the data processed by the DASP will expand knowledge on FAS
and provide parameters such and quantities necessary to set up and plan preventive measures and / or more effective deterrent in combating the abuse of drugs among athletes.
1 de Hon et al. Sports Med. 45: 57-69; 2015
2 Strange Rossi S. and F. Botrè J. Sports Sci. 29: 471-476; 2011
3 Laure P. J. Sports Med. Phys. Fitness 37: 218-224 1997

Keywords: Doping, sport, abuse, 


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