Scaffale Diabete e Dislipidemia, vademecum for the health professional - CONCLUDED

01/01/2014 - 31/12/2016
Prof. Paola BRUSA

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Dr. M. Parente (research grant)

Members of other units:

Dr. M. Giaccone, Dr. M. Mana


- Federfarma Piemonte, Turin, Italy

- Order of Pharmacists of Turin, Italy


Federfarma Piemonte, Turin, Italy


“Scaffale Diabete” and “Scaffale Dislipidemie” are the projects born within the InterAteneum Project “Community Pharmacy”. The aim is to give to the health care professionals an appropriate tool which represents a synthetic overview of products/services available to the citizen/patient with specific needs because affected by pathologies as diabetes and lipid disorders.

In order to allow the rationalisation of the study, questionnaires were submitted to community pharmacists operating in Turin and Cuneo provinces in order to investigate which food supplement, herbs, homeopathic medicinal products and medical devices they were suggested to diabetics/dyslipidaemic patients.

By using the obtained data the most suggested products have been analysed.

Thanks to the data collected and the analysis of the content of those products, we want to create a tool easy to consult for the health professional to facilitate a clear and adequate counselling to the final user.

The material will be structured in tabs that will present:

- a short presentation of the vegetable specie/nutritive substance/food or category of food

- the normative framework: nutritional indication and health indications (claims) published on databases of the Minister of Health and EFSA

- the biochemical/physiological/pathological framework (based on the data reported by search engines with a scientific value):

  1. presentation of the chemical structure of the active molecules;
  2. presentation of the pathological conditions in which those molecules may have their activity;

mechanism of action of the active molecule.

Keywords: Food supplements, diabetes, dyslipidemia, counseling, Community Pharmacy.



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