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"Pharmacometrics and System Pharmacology (PSP)"

Pharmacometrics and System Pharmacology (PSP)


Settore ERC

LS7_3 - Pharmacology, pharmacogenomics, drug discovery and design, drug therapy


General aim 

To clarify how drugs work through the use of computational methods: integrate
pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic and drug use data

- To
predict the clinical efficacy of antimicrobial therapies for the treatment of neonatal infections through stochastic simulations

- To predict the clinical efficacy of therapy with therapeutic monoclonal antibodies through stochastic simulations

System Pharmacology

To identify potential targets of multi-target covalent drugs through the development and use of computational tools that integrate concepts from network theory and classification algorithms

Drug Utilization Reserach (in collaboration with Prof. Clara Cena)

To identify patients with prescriptions at risk of drug interaction and / or poor adherence to drug therapies through the use of computational methods for "big-data" analysis


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