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RIS 1°ANNO - New technologies implementation in RIS regions olive oil mills for healthier olive oil extraction

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€ 96.499,00
01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020
Giancarlo Cravotto

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Virgin olive oil, mainly due to their minor components, is one of the most powerful weapons to prevent prevalent modern diseases in RIS regions, such as Metabolic Syndrome (one of the most prevalent diseases in RIS regions).
This project will incorporate new physical technologies in the extraction process in order to produce virgin olive oils with a higher amount of those minor components with higher preventive effects such as polyphenols and tocopherols, without external supplementation. This will allow using the EFSA claim for polyphenols, for which requirements are so high that only a few varieties of olives cultivated on specific environments are able to archive.
The project will be implemented across 4 RIS regions, with the technologies implementation, local virgin olive oil producers from RIS regions selected in open call, will be able, not only to improve the extraction process of olive oil, but also to achieve the minimum level of polyphenols to label it and to sell a higher value added oil.
Additionally, selected producers will be educated in the advantages and uses of the new technology, they will have access to toolset, training methodology and expert support from EIT food partners and will allow them to implement new technology in their market.
Furthermore, consumers will be engaged from the creation of the new oils by the panel test tool and the validation of the final product building trust and confidence in the food system


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