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Study of antioxidant activity of extracts of microalgae Spirulina maxima and Scenedesmus (ALGAE)

Prof. Massimo Bertinaria
Prof. Clara Cena

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Ing. Marco Cuccureddu
Ing. Giorgio Marchetti


Some algae species induce biological activities, which are associated with proteins, protein hydrolysates or peptides, that can affect their standing beyond their nutritional values. There is a current worldwide interest in finding new and safe antioxidants from natural sources such as plant material to prevent or minimize oxidative damage to living cells; in fact experimental evidence suggest the involvement of free radicals in tissue damage and pathological processes such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. The role of dietary antioxidants and their potential benefits in health and disease have attracted great attention. Components with antioxidant activities can be found in some species of algae. 
In this project extracts of Spirulina maxima and Scenedesmus, obtained with conventional and non-conventional techniques, are characterized for their antioxidant properties in vitro (radical scavenger activity, inhibition of lipidic peroxidation, ORAC test) and in vivo (evaluation of oxidative stress markers in biological fluids from animal models). Samples that will present the best features may be listed as components for dietary supplements.



Antioxidant activity, Spirulina maxima, Scenedesmus, Microalgae, Natural extracts, Natural antioxidants

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