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Diamond microchips for drug-screening and biomedical applications (MICRODIBI) - CONCLUDED

Fino al 31/12/2016
Prof. Emilio Carbone
Prof. Valentina Carabelli

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Paolo Olivero (Dipartimento di Fisica)

Federico Picollo (Dipartimento di Fisica)

Ettore Vittone (Dipartimento di Fisica)


Members of other units:

Fabrizio Pirri (Polito) 
Alberto Pasquarelli (UniUlm) 
Roberto Beccattini (Crisel)
Vincenzo Ricco (CrEST)
Marco Genovese (INRIM) 
Luca Boarino (INRIM)

Polytechnic University of Torino
Crisel Instruments Srl 
CrEST Srl 
Department of Physics (Torino)
Ulm University (Germany) 

Polo di Innovazione BioPmed 
Regione Piemonte - Fondi: P.O.R. - F.E.S.R. 2007/2013


The continuous search of material surfaces biocompatible, electrically conductive and optically transparent able to monitor electrical, optical and chemical signals generated by neurons and excitable cells has allowed the recent  development of diamond-based micro- and nano-chips which fully satisfy the criteria of biocompatibility, high electrical conductivity and optical transparency.

In this research project we plan to improve the performance of two diamond nano- and mono-crystalline microhips recently developed in the research laboratories of the N.I.S. (Nanostructured Interfaces and Surfaces; at the University of Torino and to complete the technological transfer to local start-ups and SMEs. To the purpose we will profit of the knowhow of the Torino Polytechnic spin-off (Chi-Lab and Politronica) to assemble on the microchips a microfluidic system for the fast exchange of extracellular solutions and the facilities of the Cleanroom at the University of Ulm to assemble the chips complete of amplifiers, A/D converters and data transfer software for off-line data analysis.

The project is coordinated by Crisel Instruments S.r.l. ( which will advertise and commercialize the lab-on-chip at the national, european and world-wide level and will contribute to the development  of a new imaging confocal microscope interfaced with the lab-on-chips.

The aim of the project is to offer to the pharmaceutical industries, enterprises specialized on drug-screening and biomedical instrumentation a “user-friendly” device complete of hardware, software and confocal microscope for monitoring the essential parameters characterizing cell functioning and diseases related to central and peripheral neurons, myocardial tissues (sino-atrial node) and neuroendocrine cells (b-pancreatic and adrenal chromaffin cells).

-     Gao Z et al. 2010. Transparent diamond microelectrodes for biochemical application. Diamond & Related Materials 19:1021-1026

-     Colombo et al., 2011. NCD Microelectrode array with sub-cellular spatial resolution. Diamond & Related Materials 20: 793-797

Microelectrode arrays (MEAs), Diamond-based microchips, Action potential recordings, Amperometric signals, Neuronal networks, Drug-screening, Sino-atrial node, Chromaffin cells, Fluorescence microscope, Calcium signaling, Calcium imaging

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