H4 Histamine Receptor As A New Pharmacological Target For The Treatment Of Diabetic Nephropathy (HISDIAN)

Dott. Arianna Carolina ROSA

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Dr. Cristina Grange (Temporary Research Associate, Department of Medical Science and Centre for Molecular Biotechnology, University of Turin, Turin, Italy

Members of other units:
Alessandro Pini (Temporary Researcher, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Florence, Italy)
Paul L. Chazot (Senior LecturerSchool of Biological and Biomedical Sciences and Wolfson Research Institute of Health and Wellbeing, Durham University, Durham, UK)

UniTO-CSP 2012 

This project is aimed to investigate the potential role of the histamine H4 receptor as a new pharmacological target for diabetic nephropathy. Specific aims to assess this issue are:

  • Evaluate the comparative expression of the histamine receptors in the kidney;
  • Functional characterization of the renal histamine receptors;
  • Evaluation of the H4 receptor role in diabetic nephropathy
  • Evaluation of the pharmacological modulation of the H4 receptor in diabetic nephropathy

Expertise in the lab include renal cell culture, primary human tubular cell cultures (available through a collaborations with Prof. Giovanni Camussi e Dott.ssa Cristina Grange, Department of Medical Science and Centre for Molecular Biotechnology, Università di Torino, Turin, Italy), in vivo models of diabetes and diabetic nephropathy. Technologies employed include immunobiochemistry and molecular biology.

Histamine, Histamine receptor, Histamine H4 receptors, Kidney, Diabetes, Diabetic nephropathy


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