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"Advanced Pharmaceutical Nanotechnologies (APN)"

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The group is involved in developing  soluble systems or nanoparticles (NP) for the active transport of drugs, mainly for anti-cancer and antiviral activity, and diagnostics. Among the NP systems developed are: liposomes, nanostructures based on squalene, NP based on synthetic polymers and proteins, cationic liposomes for transport of RNA or DNA. The technology with PEG derivatives also allows to improve the characteristics of the NP and to obtain an active targeting through the conjugation with specific ligands . Polymeric NP (nanospheres and nanocapsules) may be also obtained through confined impinging jet reactors. Among the soluble conjugates the groups is developing conjugates of monoclonal antibodies and toxins or drugs, albumin-based conjugates.   Moreover, the group is involved in clinical pharmacokinetics of anticancer and antifungal drugs, with a special interest on biotechnological drugs and liposomal formulations, in collaboration with hospital departments. Purpose of these studies is the optimization of the administration protocols, mainly when different drugs are co-administrated or when the drug may have serious side effects. Finally, the group is involved in pharmacoeconomic analysis of high-cost drugs (studies of cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, budget-impact analysis), with a special interest on the drugs that represent the higher burden on the hospital pharmacy direct expense, with the aim to suggest guidelines for a rational employment of the hospital economic resources.

Liposomes, Nanoparticles, Albumin conjugates and nanoparticles, Antibody-drug conjugates, Immunotoxins, Protein-drug conjugates, Anticancer prodrugs, Squalene, Paclitaxel, Doxorubicin, Gemcitabine, Cytarabine, Acyclovir, Cationic lipids, Diagnostic Conjugates, Active targeting, Clinical pharmacokinetics, Anticancer drugs, Antifungal drugs, Antiviral drugs, Pharmacoeconomics


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