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Coronavirus: aggiornamenti per la comunità universitaria / Coronavirus: updates for UniTo Community
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Since the Nineteen Seventies thanks to Prof. Alberto Gasco’s work, DSTF has become a centre of expertise at the University of Torino strong in all the fields of Medicinal Chemistry research, developing skills such as advanced synthetic organic chemistryin vitro assays as well as chemo-physical prediction. From that experience, recently MC2 was established to offer a complete platform and maximize effectiveness in the early stages of MC research.

MC2 is consists of two units:

  • SynBioMed focusing on the design, synthesis and in vitro biological characterization of novel chemical entities as well as in the determination of biomarkers of pharmaceutical interest and in the study of nutraceuticals.
  • MeDSynth, thanks to its recent involvement in a 7FP-SME project and to the scientific profiles of its members, is more focused on lead optimization processes as well as in advanced heterocyclic chemistry.


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