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Research Aims

The scientific project of the Department of Drug Science and Technology covers all aspects of drug discovery ranging from drug design, synthesis and characterization to formulation and clinical pharmacology. This multidisciplinary project is of high relevance for the University of Turin owing to high regional and national impact. It exploits expertise and skills in pharmaceutical chemistry, drug technology, pharmaceutical biology, pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, biochemistry, physiology, organic chemistry, food chemistry, cosmetic and analytical chemistry.

If you wish to continue, read: The scientific project of the Department 

Department Themes and Groups

The scientific activity of the Department is accomplished through the following components: thirteen Ordinary Professors, thirteen Associate Professors, thirty-eight Researchers and twenty-eight members belonging to the Administrative and Technical Staff. This activity is divided on several issues and it is possible by funding from the MURST and other Ministries, CNR, regional and contracts and agreements with Private Sponsors, with the European Community and through plans finalized. The main research topics are given below:

  • Analytical Chemistry (SSD CHIM/01)
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SSD BIO/10)
  • Industrial Chemistry (SSD CHIM04) 
  • Medicinal Chemistry (SSD CHIM/08)
  • Organic Chemistry (SSD CHIM/06)
  • Pharmaceutical Biology and Food Chemistry (SSD CHIM/10 and BIO/15)
  • Pharmaceutical Technologies (SSD CHIM/09)
  • Pharmacology (SSD BIO/14)
  • Physiology (SSD BIO/09)

The Department of Scienza e Tecnologia del Farmaco is a large Department that has much research activity in several areas. Check out Scienza e Tecnologia del Farmaco research activity

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