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Medical chemistry



Research groups

  • 3D (Drug Design and Discovery) group
    3D group is a research group that deals with all the initial phases of drug design: computer-aided design, synthesis and chemical-physical characterization (determination of ADME properties in vitro).
  • SynBioMed focusing on the design, synthesis and in vitro biological characterization of novel chemical entities as well as in the determination of biomarkers of pharmaceutical interest and in the study of nutraceuticals.
  • MeDSynth, thanks to its recent involvement in a 7FP-SME project and to the scientific profiles of its members, is more focused on lead optimization processes as well as in advanced heterocyclic chemistry.
  • Study Group on Drug Utilization Research deals with the conception, design and implementation of studies on Drug Utilization Research, Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmaceutical Expenditure through the analysis of data regularly collected by healthcare facilities and related to both the health status of patients and the provision of services by the National Health Service (RWD - Real World Data).

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