Aid Progress Pharmacist Agreement - A.P.P.A.® Project

Prof. Paola BRUSA

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Dr. M. Parente (research grant), Dr. M. B. Iozzino (research grant), Dr. I. De Pellegrini (research grant), Dr. I. Pignata (research grant).

Members of other units:

Dr. E. Ambrec, Dr. M. Carozzi, Dr. M.Cavallero, Dr. A. Colombo, Dr. G. Di Lascio, Dr. E. Delpiano, Dr. R. Durando, Dr. A. Germano, Father A. Gherardi, Dr. Valeria Mantellino, Dr. C. Maranzana, Father A. Mombelli, Dr. P. Narcisi, Dr. M. Nicasio, Pastor M. Passaretti, Ignacio Puche, Sister Lea Rasoloarisoa, Dr. M. V. Rava, Dr. M. Sapino, Dr. R. Stigliano, Dr. Francesca Tarditi. Dr. G. Vecchiati. 


Burkina Faso – Maison de la Femme, Gorom Gorom, Oundalan Province, Sahel District; COI (Cooperazione Odontoiatrica Internazionale); Rainbow for Africa no-profit Organisation; ENGIM NGO

Cameroon - Hospital La Bethanie, Bonaberi-Douala; GinTeam no-profit Organisation; Kribi Saint Joseph no-profit Organisation. Currently suspended activity.

Cameroon - Hospital “Notre Dame des Apòtres”, Djamboutou-Garoua; CUMSE no-profit Foundation. Currently suspended activity

Chad - Health Center “Le Bon Samaritain”, Walia-N’Djamena ; NGO; Society of Jesus; Acra NGO.

Chad – Hospital “Le Bon Samaritain” Biobè, Moyen-Chari District, association tchadienne «Communauté pour le Progrès» (ATCP), Acra NGO

Madagascar - Hospital “Henintsoa”, Vohipeno; Suor Lea Rasoloarisoa Missionary nuns of Mercy, Anemon no-profit Organisation.

Madagascar - Health Center, Eglise Catholique Apostolique Romaine, Ihosy; Anemon no-profit Organisation; Lions Club Torino San Carlo. Currently suspended activity

Angola - Hospital “Nossa Senhora de Paz”, Compañia de Santa Teresa de Jesus, Cubal; Dani Instruments S.p.A; Comunità di S. Egidio; ACAP no-profit Organisation.

Angola - Health Center AMEN NGO, Bairro CowBoy, Funda; Dani Instruments S.p.A; AMEN no-profit Organisation.

Haiti - Pediatric Hospital N.P.H. Saint Damien, Tabarre; N.P.H. Italy no-profit Organisation, Francesca Rava Foundation

Sierra Leone - Saint John of God Hospital, Mabesseneh – Lunsar; Rainbow for Africa Onlus, ENGIM ONG. Currently suspended activity



A.P.P.A.® no-profit Organisation;

Acra NGO;

Anemon no-profit Organisation;

BAM (Alpi Marittime Banck);

Dani Instruments S.p.A;


Cariplo Foundation;

CUMSE no-profit Foundation;

Francesca Rava Foundation;

GinTeam no-profit Organisation;

Lions Club Torino San Carlo;

N.P.H. Italy no-profit Organisation;

Rainbow for Africa no-profit Organisation;

Rotary Club Torino, District 2031;

Saint Joseph no-profit Organisation;

UNI.COO Project 



The A.P.P.A.® Project is the main project of the no-profit organization Aid Progress Pharmacist Agreement (A.P.P.A.®) that is the result of an intense collaboration between the academic world represented by the University of Turin, Department of Scienza e Tecnologia del Farmaco, and the territorial reality represented by the community pharmacies. The Project is based on voluntary work and it helps the Developing Countries (DCs) in the health context by the realization, within the health facilities present in these countries, of compounding laboratories for the preparation of medications on the basis of the local therapeutic need. The proposers of the Project aim to teach to the local personnel responsible of the laboratory how to prepare the above mentioned medications in a way that must be compatible with the local reality. The medications prepared must always have high standards of quality, safety and efficacy.

Thus, the main aim of the A.P.P.A.® Project is to facilitate the DCs to set themselves under the conditions to cure their own sick people autonomously using their own health facilities.


The A.P.P.A.® Project is articulated in several steps that must be followed to start a new compounding laboratory:

  1. Pharmaceutical-economic investigation and feasibility study.
  2. Choice of medications and their pharmaceutical forms to be prepared on the basis of the local need.
  3. Internship of a pharmacy student, during his/her experimental thesis, on the theoretical principles and on the practical technics to prepare compounded drugs.
  4. Internship of an operator from the health facility where the Project will be realized. Purchase and sending in situ of equipment and raw material required for the launching of the laboratory.
  5. Training period of the local personnel responsible of the preparation of compounded drugs by the pharmacy student that was previously trained.
  6. Preparation of compounded drugs and related quality control in situ and at the University of Turin.

Periodical internships of new pharmacy students at the laboratory to assess its performance and eventually to develop new formulations, thus enabling the continuous development of the Project.


Developing Countries (DCs), International Health Cooperation, compounding laboratories, counterfeit, quality control, essential drugs.





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