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NOPhArm (DRUG DESIGN- NO Prodrugs and hybrids)




The NO-PhArm group has developed a solid expertise in multi-target drugs. The ability to bind and modulate multiple biological targets within a single molecule offers several distinct advantages compared to combination therapies, most importantly consistent and predictable pharmacokinetics.

Our research is principally focused on:

  • NO-donor Aspirin-like molecules
  • NO-donor multi-target drugs obtained by joining selected NO-donor moieties with a variety of appropriate pharmacophores
  • Development of novel furoxan, nitric ester, nitrosothiol, diazeniumdiolate NO-donors

 Other topics:

  • Design of molecules aimed at reverting multi-drug resistance (MDR) 

  • H2S-donor multi-target drugs

 Our labs feature a comprehensive research pipeline, including:

  • design
  • synthesis
  • analytical, physicochemical and structural characterization
  • in silico and in vitro screening


  • Fully equipped organic synthesis labs
  • Wide array of analytical instrumentation including multiple HPLC chromatographs (analytical, semi-preparative and preparative), NO-sensitive electrodes, chemiluminescence, Sirius GlpKa microtitration apparatus
  • In-house access to main spectroscopic techniques for structural characterization and purity assessment (NMR, MS/LC-MS, FT-IR, UV)
  • Instrumentation for in vitro biochemical and pharmacological assays (e.g., antiaggregatory, antioxidant, COX/LOX inhibitory activity)