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SynBioMed (SBM)




The main lines of SynBioMed research unit are:

- design, synthesis and biological characterization of new chemical entities able to modulate pharmacological targets.

-  in vitro and in vivo evaluation of oxidative stress markers

-  chemical and biological characterization of natural extracts

A full range of synthetic and extractive capabilities is present within the research unit covering both conventional and non-conventional techniques. Among them parallel, SP, PASP techniques are the most frequently used, the use of MW and US techniques are also implemented in collaboration with other unit within the same Department.

The biological characterization of new compounds and of samples (animal or human origin) is performed either through the use of immunoenzymatic and spectrophotometric assays, or on isolated organ studies. Enzyme inhibition testing is also implemented inside the SynBioMed research unit.

Main research lines of SynBioMed unit are:

Design and synthesis on new chemical entities modulating the activity of DNA methyl transferases (DNMTs) and Ten-Eleven Translocation factor proteins, enzymes involved in DNA replication and gene expression. The unit is part of European COST action TD0905 (prof. A. Ganesan coordinator) “epigenetics bench to bedside” WG1.

Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new chemical entities modulating NLRP3 inflammasome activity and related inflammatory pathways. The discovery of small molecules inhibitors of inflammasome, blocking the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines is a valuable target for therapeutic applications to treat auto-inflammatory and auto-immune diseases.

Oxidative stress and antioxidant agents characterization through biochemical assays: research activity is principally oriented toward the biological screening of both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical candidates and can be summarized in two main areas :1) evaluation of the effects of dietary supplements on oxidative stress biomarkers (urinary 15-F2t-isoprostanes, serum oxLDL, serum glutathione indexes, plasmatic TBARS and FRAP); 2) full characterization, through in vitro biological and pharmacological assays of either synthetic derivatives or natural extracts from vegetal sources. Funding were obtained from local Agri-Food Innovation Hub (Finpiemonte).Partnerships: Biolab Research Srl, Probiotical S.p.A, FiToLife Srl.

Drug design, Drug synthesis, Heterocyclic chemistry, Inflammasome, DNMTs, Oxidative stress biomarkers determination, Natural extracts, Enzymatic activity assays, Lipidic peroxidation




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